7 Recipes for hectic lifestyles

Too busy to eat your meal? Here are some tips and recipes for hectic employers.


  • Store peanut butter in your refrigerator. If you are allergen to peanuts. You can use mayonnaise as well.
  • Keep frozen peas and corns so that you don’t have to peel the peas. Also buy pasta and Maggie.
  • Gems, Cadbury and biscuits in containers. (if you love cookies and chocolate pies)
  • Buy and store eggs, mustard, hot spices, bell pepper, black pepper, tomatoes, spinach and onions from grocery.
  • Love cheese!!Store cottage cheese in your kitchen.

1.Peanut Butter Bread recipe-As you have stored peanuts and have breads with you. So, within 3 minutes you can spread mayonnaise or peanut butter on your bread and eat in five minutes.

2.Veg Maggie recipe-Take out the frozen peas and corns from freezer. Boil Maggie for 2 minutes and add masalas to it. stir well. Add frozen peas, corns and chopped tomatoes in boiled Maggie and let the peas, tomatoes and corns boil for 3 minutes. Now your healthy evening snacks ready.

3.chocolate cookies-Melt Cadbury with milk as per your requirement till it gets liquid. Spread the melted Cadbury on biscuits and garnish with Cadbury gems and heat in oven for 20 seconds. Its going to be really tasty. It will take 5 minutes and 20 seconds to make chocolate cookies.

4.cheese Omlet-Take a bowl. Break 2 eggs and bit it with a spoon. Add salt, mustard and hot spices to it. Meanwhile heat the frying pan on oil and add chopped tomatoes, bell pepper and onions into it. After the vegetables get reddish, add omlet liquid onto the frying pan. Cook for 4 minutes. At last grate some cottage cheese and bell pepper and spread. This takes 6 minutes to cook.

5.Spinach and Cheese Pasta-Boil pasta for 5 to 6 minutes. Meanwhile in another sauce pan, heat olive oil and cook spinach and garlic for 3 minutes. Next add cheese to sauce pan and immediately add to boiled pasta. Stir well to mix the liquid with pasta. Now your spinach and cheese pasta is ready to eat. This will take 11 minutes to cook.

6.One minute egg recipe-Beat one to two eggs with mayonnaise in a bowl and heat for 60 seconds.Garnish with herbs and pepper and salt.Spread spinach leaves on top.Your healthy food is ready in just one minute

7.Pomegranate chocolate cubes-Melt cadbury as per requirements with milk.Pour melted cadbury on ice cube tray and spread pomegranate seeds on top.Refrigerate for somtime till the cadbury cubes gets solid.When you come back from a hectic schedule,eat the refreshing cold cubes.

So from now,have your favorite meals and recipes at less time and reach your destination on time.

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