Beginners in warm up

Sitting and hunching on your keyboards can tell something about your lazy deeds.YAA!!so thats what am talking about…..Beginners try to do overrated or popular struggles in gym to warm up…

ohh!!I feel bad for them….For god sake dont hurt your limbs right there….There is long way to try more exercises.You are visiting the write article now…I know such impatient you would be to know the tips and ways to begin warm up.YAA..soo If you are not an early riser,do start it this morning.Dont hurry up for better results quite often.Its a long hold your breathe and lets begin…

1.Try out the spiderman exercise(six times each leg)

2.arm swings

3.shoulder rotations

4.Marching on a static place while swinging hands(This will gradually increase your endurance)

5.Hip rotations

6.hip circles

7.lunges(six reps each leg)

8.jump rope(3 minutes minimum)

9.Side shuffles

10.squats (12 times)

11.Wlking knee hugs(10 times)


Start with only these twelve exercises.Donot drink water while exercising.This will lower your confidence of being patient.

These are all my personal test exercises which worked when I was a beginner.It will hardly take 15 days to improve.These workouts in the morning can take hardly twenty five minutes maximum….Try them…I bless you as an Indian sage that you will succed further….

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