Fed up of this summer? Global Warming is racing all of us. Build yourself to keep hydrated and cool in these days. Car pollutions have increased. Don’t forget to pamper these days.

1.Keep yourself hydrated: Drink water as much as water. Drink 2 litres of water a day. Eat juicy vegetables every day. Buy watermelon, mango and seasonal fruits to keep yourself refreshed.

2.Use Sun scream: If you are planning to go outside in hot days, don’t forget to put a sun scream on your face. Make lather on arms, legs , and face with sun scream. Make circular messages with sun scream. Better to use SPF 75.

3.Store ice-creams at home-Store ice creams to add flavour . Even you can make ice cream at home.

4.Make refreshing mists at home like rose water, banana mist, etc. Homemade self-pamper products are the best. Save your time from wasting. Google different methods to make summer mists.

5.Decorate your room with fresh flowers. Flowers are a heavenly part . The sweet smell of Yellow and White Jasmines and Roses are awesome. Natural ways to spread happiness to your home this summer is lovely flowers.

6.Grab your favourite snack or invest some time in cool sheet masks.Apply cool sheet masks on face while you chew some peppermints.


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