Want a brief description on how you can do it? ARE you fat and want to know the secret of losing weight through exercises?

Then you are on the right place today.

First try to understand why you are humiliated in front of all. Think that you can do it and you will show all how you too can be fit and can dance like them.


Is gravity so stressed because of you? Make it also happy.

Step 1:Take a deep breathe.

On a yoga mat first day,do sit ups for 3 minutes.

Do this sit ups for 3 minutes everyday for one week. Start with stretching your hands to your legs on a standing position without bending your knees. Continue doing this for next one week more.

Want more effective ways to loose weight?Here is another way to help you out.

STEP 2:Followed by the first step,after two weeks,walk outside in the lawn for 5 minutes. Do this for one week.

Next fourth week try to do free hand exercises of legs and hands along with above exercises.

Don’t forget to continue these for one month and more till you can do.

Love to do household works…….

Here is how it is also a good way to loose fat. Complete washing dishes , clean house and keep yourself hydrated the whole day.

EXTRA TIP: Sorry to say but, avoid eating sugary stuffs and fast foods till you can resist.

Until and unless you stop eating more than four times in a day,no exercise can help you get a slim figure. Slim figure doesnot mean you need to go out for gyming. Don’t eat sugary food but eat a balanced diet.

This is not for unhealthy eaters. So, try out this new experience of exercise. Loose your weight like all others.

Happy sporting!

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