If you don’t like doing exercises, then no need to join gym classes. Here is some effective ways on how you can reduce weight easily at home. Even if you are above 60 years, you can follow the same ways to maintain your body weight.

Want to munch crisp food? But scared to gain weight? I have solution for that too. Eating can also maintain human health even if you don’t work out every day. Take your time. Whenever you come back from office, rest a while. But as you are too tired to continue with exercises after a hectic day, I may influence you to start doing some amazing tricks to remain fit.

1.FIRSTLY, If you have a big house, plant small trees and water them in your garden daily. If you don’t have time or enough space in your home, plant a tiny desert plant far from your room. Walk to the place where you have planted it and water it every day. This helps your muscles expand and relax, making some movement in the body.

2.Open YouTube and join cardio dance classes. Watch trending dance moves and try to follow them.

3.For those who love eating, I would recommend eating healthy vegetable soup with sweet corn and pepper sprinkled on top. Else you can grind seasonal fruits and make drinks at home. Don’t stop eating. But eat healthy. Light foods never affect our health.

4.If you are a homemaker, wash your own clothes without using washing machine for atleast 4 days a week. This is an altenative for booty workout too.

5.Every holiday go out for a bicycle ride or swimming or a walk with your old pals. Your lower part will be fit and you will remain refreshed after the holidays.

6.Thrice a month, play flying disc with your children or a badminton match to sweat out your excess fat.

If you get the results, don’t forget to bless me. Start doing these today. Every morning should be productive because time never waits for us.


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