Banana shakes are heart beat for drink lovers.Not only for them,For any one having banana that is beneficial.Apart from eating banana,we can use it for many other purposes.


1.De tanning

2.Prevents body from pollution

3.Hair spa for dull hair,dandrops

4.Gains weight

5.Instant energy

6.Blood purification

7.Growth material for hair and nails

8.Banana skin is used for teeth whitening

I have used banana skin to apply on my teeths.They worked.Took a month because natural processes takes time to work.Natural fruit like banana has many benefits.Else of diabetic patients,I woud recommend to eat one banana every day.Be it in the form of banana shake,banana pan cake,banana short cake or banana smoothy.Thats yum.Trust me.Banana has more benefits than any other fruit has.

Till then Stay tuned for more such topics and yaa dont forget to remember me once you try out banana smoothy.

Best prices of bana you will get at big basket.During sale,they provide a lot of other fruits and vegetables at less price.Big basket has truly such best quality fruits and vegetables.Try out once.


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