Don’t blame your children for not getting a tall height. Obviously, activities are important for growth but food is essential for children. Stressed? Don’t know what to give your child to be fit. Here is how you can give him a good food. You already know these foods but are not so clear to you. One more request is, don’t scold your children if they don’t have their food. Children are gift from god.


1.SPROUTED CEREALS-Sprouted cereals provide energy to work hard during exams and stress. Your children will gain strength to complete homeworks easily. That’s exactly what horse power is.

2.Milk-Milk with some almond a day also keeps a doctor away. Milk containing calcium, strengthens bone density. Milk prevents children from tanning too.

3.FRUITS-Make fruit juices at home. Free from all chemicals. Fruits refreshes mind and brightens brain capacity.

4.EGGS-one egg every day builts immune system. Eggs help in easy digestion. Eggs increases body weight for those children who are thin.

5.BITTER GOURD-Try to feed bitter gourd along with vegetables every day to de-toxify body. Bitter gourd increases nerve stimulations.

6.POMEGRANATE-This fruit has a lot of benefits. Good source of VITAMIN A. Sustains blood in body. Rich source of iron for growing children.

More are there. If you have not given them these nutritive food, please start today. Children are the future of each country. Moreover, they must be fit especially after covid-19 situation.

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