Flowers bring the best ways of clicking pictures.Its just that you need to take the best pictures out of your mind.Make creative ways to take pictures for your Instagram profile.That doesnot need the best flower.



This pose is so classy and original.This you can take at the roof top as I have taken at the roof top in the evening time.Take a potted plant flower and put it near your face and if you have iphone then give a trendy pose and post it on Instagram.


Flowers are blossoms of life.When we blow them with evening kisses of sun is the best part of the day.If you have self timer,add timimgs on camera and give a classy pose with any colour of flower which suits your face and dress colour.


This was just a click and was totally a candid once.If you have someone to take your pictures,you can tell him or her to take your pictures while you laugh or in any pose.Get all your camera set ups and take your picture.If you have no lighting setting then increase phone brightness before you take photos.

I would recommend pictures to be taken with iphone 7,poco,vivo v17.Personally if have no where to go,I click pictures which are candid.Trust me,the candid ones are more to come up.Vibrant colours of flowers keeps smile on face.I tried many poses with flowers but where not able to show you all.But pictures are in this post which I have clicked on my way to the best days during lockdown.

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