Want to know why is it important to stay fit and healthy throughout the day?I hope we all know that doctors are there to catch more patients they want to.But our duty is to stay out of reach of doctor as much as we can.Doctors may prescribe us medicines but will also have some side effects.Somewhat think that the importance of being fit is to grose your styles.But truly It is necessary to avoid medicines and chemicals.We should always focus on natural cure.The best way to stay fit is obviously exercises.Well that depends on people.Let me tell you, You are getting late for office.Are’nt you?Then you need more exercise to be fit to raise your children when you come back home stressed from office.

So talking about the benefits of exercises is as follows,

1.Avoid Medicines

The more you avoid medicines the more you are naturally fit.I am not saying that just dont eat your medicine but please it’s a request to all my dear readers to enourage people and yourselves to be fit.

2.Stay Happy

While you exercise and stumble over some steps first you would get hurt but the smile on your face will be real.When you realise that you need to work upon it.Happy is when you give yourself time.Happy is one you love others and stay well.If you are sick you wont be happy to attend a wedding but you would be while you are happy.

3.Good for Muscles and Bones

Are you okk?

Dont tell me that you broke your leg today just as you passed out in the washroom.

So to avoid crackling your bones its too important to do exercises daily.Our muscles becomes strong and our bones stay fit as there remains no query with calcium deficiency.

4.Heals Chronic Diseases

Did your doctor ever recommend you doing exercises but would tell you to have rest.I am telling you.This is my personal experience that whenever I do exercises daily my sinus pain almost vanishes.Chronic patients having severe headaches and sick or fever ailing ones should exercise daily.

5.Helps in Gaining Memory

Still remember when we last met?


You forgot!

Good gracious!Please do some exercise cause they effect well to your brain and would help keep your nerves working till you die.I am not saying you to die but atleast you can spend some time with your yoga mat before you start your day.

A yogi a day keeps all negativities away is my mantra of life.

Exercising daily is a hygienic way to lead your life.Encouraging children ,aged ones and all to do so is beneficial.

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