1.Coconut water with ice

In addition to guzzling coconut water post-hot yoga flow (it’s a clutch alternative to sports drinks, since added sugar is nixed but it’s still high in electrolytes) or mixing it in to your go-to a.m. smoothie, there are many other ways to enjoy the refreshing ingredient. And they might surprise you: Think on a popsicle stick, in a soup, or even in a wine glass (hello, sangria).

INGREDIENTS:Coconut water,coconut slices,ice

PROCESS:1.In a glass add coconut water with ice cubes.

Optional is you can add coconut slices to the coconut water.

This summer drink coconut water,refreshing and cool.

2.Kokum energy drink

I usually avoid buying the readymade kokum juice as I find them too sweet and also white sugar is added to it. I prefer to make my own Kokum sherbet.

INGREDIENTS:Kokum,sugar(as per reqirement),mint leaves


1.Grind kokum fruit in a grinder.

2.Then add some mint paste to the kokum paste.

3.Next add some water to the paste.

4.Stain the roughage and get the liquid of kokum juice.

5.Add sugar at last

6.Next decorate the glass with mint leaves and kokum juice and drink with your friends and family.

3.Maple cranberry energy drink

if you’re not a fan of bourbon, I think you’ll still like this recipe. The maple and cranberry flavors play so nicely together!

INGREDIENTS:cranberry juice,maple syrup,salt as per requirement,1 star anise optional


Mix all the ingredients together and then stain the juice.

4.Chia energy drink

What I do know is that I’m seeing gains in speed and strength all across the board – and it started that very day.

The drink itself is fun and a little weird – in water the chia seeds expand and surround themselves with a jelly-like substance, and look reminiscent of frog spawn.

The taste is fairly neutral – that’s where the lime and syrup or honey come in.

Try it and see for yourself…

INGREDIENTS:2 TBSP CHIA SEEDS,water,lime juice,honey

PROCESS:Add all the ingredients together and keep it in the fridger for 2 to 3 hours and then have it.

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