Background is the most essential way to decorate your feed.Ever responsive audience believes in backgrounds.Well do you still think that a normal white background can save your post but till how long?Background is the soul of every influencer.Background with light blue lowes and pink orchid plants beside your posts brings soul to your audience.They get to learn from you how essential it is to show the inner self and decoration part of your hard work.Colourful background is what people prefer the most.If you ask me,I would say that bringing soul to a painting or a pose is not the work of Iphone but rather your tripod stand and colourful walls.

If you take a curtain and decorate it with false or real orchids or roses and buy some fairy lights.This will attract many people to like and share your posts.If you dont have lights you can edit your photos and add fairy lights too.

This new newspaper trend is so common among people now.We even dont need to pierce walls or buy any material.Just cut your newspaper pieces and paste temporarily on wall.This newspaper background provides vintage age relieve features like your picture gets more bright because of the front colours of top and background black and white which brightens your face as the newspaper is black and white.

A great step to just paste false flowers to your bedroom tiles to show that they are not dull but useful.I still remember having those false flowers in my house walls pasted to get floral pictures.These flowers are not costly and even brings faith to your ambience.

This looks so cool for married couple photoshoots.I even saw these kinds of backgrounds at weddings hall rooms.Not only couples but also reception backgrounds can also be decorated with these easy funny backgrounds.Take pink or suitable colour tapastry and decorate as per required.

If you are a good painter you can draw pictures on white wall or large canvas before you set the self timer.For those who cannot draw can buy or hire painters to take professional photos.Trust me you can add such vibrant colours to your background and those hit pictures will easily get viral.

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