Good deeds has an effect on us

When we say their seems a good will which god has gifted every one of us.But still why their exists fears and sins?why on Earth do we create such earthly atmosphere were lots and lots of materials clustered together and god finding the worser once to give punishment.In the name of Jesus Christ we must respect every thought of individual.right??Or do we create a path towards hell?It’s what not we call a fate as.Quite obvious that deeds matter.That even doesnot mean we can murder and confess like my deed is wrong but as I have confessed,I will surely succeed.Its like a practice when we get up in the morning and look at ourselves on the mirror and think of our future goals.Ever thought that today I will not hurt my parents,or I will respond to my enemies with love.Because love creates path in human life towards good deeds.God says,have mercy on all you meet on Earth.Never disrespect your own conscience.And yes!!!It is one of the biggest good deeds you would have ever known.When you ignore people,is not a good deed.When you yell for any mistakes,is not considered as a good deed.What makes us love ourselves more and create good deeds till we live?90 percent people have a mindset of living their life in a way where they don’t understand their existence.Wait?Are you one of them ?just kidding!When you find yourself angry or depressed.I request a simple medicine to practice which is meditation.You can spread good words and how to help society.We all know already.But how many do we care that at last our deeds are going to matter after life on Earth.A sincere person is never welcomed or a comic character is just Soo joking is not all.Once in a day before you go to bed,just close your eyes and think how many good deeds you performed today.The next day try to full fill more good ones.Make it a habit.

I hope you all loved my post….If you did so.Let me know what you all want me to write next post upon.Moreover all criticisms and comments are allowed.Show some love and share your feelings on how you responded to this post.Trust me.This can change your life.

Till then stay safe and stay tuned for more such posts.


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