YOGA A VEDIC WAY FOR WELLNESS. YOGA doesnot need your abs nor it wants to know how much stamina you aquire.Its a kind of meditation where you can find your wellness which is so very important for betterment in life.Yoga a process is an ancient process to seek confidence and wellness from contentment.Firstly when you do yoga and you go for gym,you will find difference in how you feel in both.Yoga a vedic process to cure mental and physical health is still prevalent in many countries.Yoga tutors available on sites teach us how to maintain a proper balance of life through old age ways.We can find peace and wellness through vedic process. 1.Matsasan(Fish Pose)Matsasan is an age old practice among yogas that allows relieve stress from joints and neck and throat.When you come home from office,stressed out.Try to do this yoga after you get fresh from office works.You will feel so relaxed and motivsted towards work. 2.Vriksashan means when you stand with one leg up,it looks like branches of tree.So the meaning of tree in hindi is vriksha and yoga means sashan.This yoga helps to correct posture and makes our strength more strong. 3.Naukasana(Boat Pose) This yoga is called boat pose.It helps to build muscles strong and helps build abs also.Any age group person can perform this once a day for thirty seconds.This yoga is very effective if you can do properly.4.Bhujangasana(Cobra pose) This yoga is also called cobra pose in english.This yoga strengthens spine and tones the buttocks.It is also a vedic process of therapetic asthma.5.kurisasana(Chair Pose) This yoga is good for old aged people.It helps in stretching hands and legs.It even tones leg muscles excellently.These are all the poses and yogas but vedic methods which I perform daily early in the morning.I found a drastic change in my mental and physical health both.I would personally suggest doing these yogas.They are soo much effective especially for growing children.I hope you all liked my post.Show some love.Comment down below if you want me to make such more posts.Till then stay tuned.Like,share and be patient…

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