Belts every fashion influencer should own

There are some basic fashionista tips every fashion influencer uses.Likewise I choose to style my every outfit with belts to bring a tint of colourful shades to my outfit.Belts in general creates the actually bossy ass look.But it creates a similar pose for influencers.

Here I am,With some specific belt odeas and the inline shopping sites where they will be available.Check out the websites for further choosing colours as per your choice.


1.A buckle belt

The most classy and easy going velt which you can use with jumpsuits and layered jeans too.These come in different shades and colours.I have bought this in orange shade.This belt is kinda cotton based and seems like it is stitched handmade.

Where to find in

2.D-ring belt

This belt is so unique and it goes with every active wear tops and tanks.I got this in the colour shabby green.It looks so smooth after you wear it.Even acter several washes it remains new.You can style it with your favourite joggers.Wear it out on a cycle ride if you have a recent plan.Do you?

Where to find

3.Cinch Belt

Cinch belts are the chubby belts.You wear it with dress or a lehenga or a support for gowns.It goes well with all.But it looks better and decent with black dress.I got it in the shade of yellow.I kinda love this belt for the finishing and broad look it has.

Where to find

4.Lace-up Belt

Ahh!!The most sexiest belt I have ever owned.This belt goes well with horse riders.My favourite outfit with this black rope way belt is a white top and black denims.This belt is kinda tighter but it fits well.

Where to get online:@Prettylittlething

5.Leopard Print Belt

This belt is the only one which I have ever wished to own.Moreover only influencers or models use them.It goes totally with bag of leopard print and a kinda of attitude in caption.Broad belt with stiff metal decorated on middle is fabulous.This one is my favourite.It is so smooth and it goes with jeans and dress both.

Where to get online:@Forever 21

Hey loves!Hope you all enjoyed and got some influence on watching my post.If you liked any one of them,do let me know in the comment section below.Which one is your favourite?Mine is last one.Preety sure that belt makes a model confident enough to walk the ramp.Like share and comment down below what posts you all want me to add next.Till then stay tuned.

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