6 Natural foods that can regulate human health

20 food items that regulate human growth includes variations amidst the vegans and non vegans.The fact hear lies is,do you want to get a human body full of immune system and healthy growth?Yes I do understand that growth depends totally upon genes.But certain food products can itself help growth in muscles,tissues and repair of the body.Before we get started I would like to tell all the readers that the food products that help in growth works magically and I have personally used them.This is not a sponsored food blog page so enjoy the best food products I will write.



Fish oil and fish are a good source for developement in brain coordination for children.Fish has animal protein which restores our memory.This is one food I suggest to non vegans to add in their meal atleast thrice a week.


Another source of vibrant values carrying nuts include hazelnut.I suggest hazelnut because they are so good for teeth and gaining weight.


Now egg is everyones favourite.Right?

So egg contains vital proteins which helps in growth among children and adolescenes.Even aged ones can have half a day under doctor supervision.


An apple a day keeps all worries away.We all know that but do you know that eating an apple a day clears all constipation problems among all age group.Apple contains fibre and juicy water which reduces the body temperature to certain level so that our body can complete excretion process clearly.


Banana is having a lot of potentials to cure diseases related to respiratory tract.Tbose who travel in polluted areas should have one banana everyday.Banana purifies our blood too.We can breath fresh air and get respiratory tract working well after banana smoothie gets a way inside.


Coconut can be used as oil for hair stimulation or regrowth.Or else you can drink coconut milk or water for refreshment.Stressed ones should drink chilled coconut water.Coconut has benefits like relaxing muscles,restores damaged cells and revitalise ageing

I hope you have got some stuff that I am trying to be a doctor here.But unfortunately I am influencing but not on a doctors note I am suggesting.So if there is any issues while having any of these food products,should consult a doctor.till hen stay tunes.

Hey loves do let me know how this article helped you all and you all gained some courage to eat healthy.Do like share and comment.Till then will be back with another one.

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