8 ultimate self care tips to follow in Winter

didn’t used to ‘get’ self-care ideas. Not because I didn’t need them, or didn’t like practicing self-care. But because I felt like half of the self-care ideas out there weren’t made for people like me.So here I am with my special tips for self care includes both men and women.

Enjoy hot baths

A luxurious soak with your favorite bubble bath is a simple way to warm up and pamper yourself during the cold-weather months and are an easy, accessible way to get some wintertime self-care in.

Prioritize working out

Going to the gym or taking a yoga or spin class can help you connect with others while boosting your health on multiple levels. Exercise is good for your body. It helps you deal with stress, and it can get you out of the house when you might be tempted to isolate and hibernate.Exercising outside might be a challenge, but there are plenty of winter workout hacks to make sure you stay active.

Make time to get cozy & relax

Winter — especially the holiday season — can be a stressful time.

Catch up on Netflix under a blanket with hot coffee.Making time to focus on coziness and warmth — even if just for a nap or to catch your favorite show — can help create comfort during the colder seasons.To add fun to your cozy vibes create a diy comfy bed.

Try dry brushing your skin for improved circulation

Winter tends to be hardest on those of us with dry or sensitive skin. One thing that helps me stay warm, improve my circulation, and care for my dry skin in winter is dry brushing. Using a large brush, gently brush your whole body in short strokes towards the direction of your heart. Proponents of dry brushing say it helps support the lymphatic system, but I just find that it helps me  feel calm and take care of myself as part of a winter self-care routine. Be sure to moisturize after!

Nourish yourself with seasonal foods

Most people, myself included, are not in a place to buy huge amounts of organic fruits and vegetables every single week. I get that! But one way to take care of your body and save on your weekly grocery bill is to eat what’s in season. These fruits and vegetables, including squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, asparagus, clementines, and some pears, will be cheaper than usual this season and they’re exactly the kind of rich, nutrient-dense foods your body needs in winter.

Bake something yummy

Whether or not  you like to spend time in the kitchen, winter is a celebration of sweet, sugary baked goods. Try to participate yourself this year by baking something you love as winter self-care. Think of a favorite food and search for a recipe online.

Christmas is my favourite occassion for the whole of winter!!

Engage in a spiritual practice

Whether you’re religious, spiritual, or somewhere in between, winter is a great time to focus inward and outward with a spiritual practice. Since this season gives us a great opportunity for reflection and renewal, take it up on its invitation with prayer, meditation, religious services, or rituals that are meaningful to you.

Wear soft, comfortable clothes

Shorts are for summer, knee-high boots are for fall, and as far as I’m concerned, sweatpants and hoodies were made for winter. You don’t need to look sloppy this season, but during a season that’s hard on our bodies and our minds, focus on making yourself as comfortable as possible. I love fluffy socks, comfy sweaters, and leggings in the cold winter months. Focus on what cozy and comfortable mean to you.

Hey loves!Hope you all loved my special tips of self care for this winter.If you want me to add some more tips then comment down your ideas.Like , share and support my posts.Will be back with another post.Till then stay tuned.

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