Styling cozy and sleek outfits 2020

Workout clothes have always been the best when coming to gyming and all.Quite relevant that outfits doesnot matter for working out atleast styling them.But some times it feels so cozy and sleek if we get the right ideas on styling such outfits.

So here I am again with some cool outfit ideas you can surely style in this 2020.Now that we all are enclosed at our homes for covid 19 situation.I would suggest buying excess cozy clothes as you will be able to stay back home.Am I right?

1.Yellow and white mix and match

Its not compulsory to have yellow sneakers with nike pants.But it looks super cute when girls wear yellow outfit.I suggest a pair of sunglasses to wear with this outfit.This could create traffic in minds too.But this outfit is non other than from nike.The most elligant print and ‘just do it’ quote makes me more confident while working out.Its a cotton cloth with not much sweat controls.You can wear this in summer too.It is very smooth and the quality is soft.

2.Black and white combo

Ok so this outfit is so sexy.The basic white chunky sneakers always goes with black long legs.The side bag you can carry along for some money and credit card storage stuff.The top is a crop top and it is tight fitted but soft.Sometimes I love wearing this to malls even while I go for shopping. and white mix and match

This one is the blacka nd white version of the first outfit.I actually liked the shades.Ok so my point is that these clothes are so white in colour that you can wear during summer months.Get less sweats!Though the bag looks cheap but yaa it looks great.Its a basic backpack for a ssasy look with the outfit. and purple love outfit

This outfit actually looks like a rainbow.More of purples and pinks.Seems like a jacket but its a slim crop top.super soft and sleek.This one is out of Nike too.The most easy way to style this is by wearing your pair of white boots or sneakers.Sports shoes can go well with it too.

5.Full on black mood

Winters are on the way!

Lets style this outfit with a black bag and a straped sports bra or your active wear.The best outfit for gyming.The shoes look so classy with this outfit.These shoes are too from Nike.The joggers are so comfy and loose that I even sleep wearing it sometimes.

6.Rainbow que

My favourite way of styling these outfits is wearing a pair of white boots or sneakers with white shabby shades.The exact look of 80s culture.

Just kiddin haa!!

7.cute one piece frock

Ah! So sweet this dress is.isnt it?

I love wearing such black frocks with a cute little kids bags on back and transparent shades for beachy vibes.

So this was it for this post.I hope you got some ideas on how to style on a cozy vibe day 2020.More collective and selective ideas on the way.Till then share your favourite outfit in the comments section beneath.Lots of love and supporte from you guys!

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