My Tshirt collection 2020

A lot more happens while styling tshirt.We either dont get the perfect size or style.I personally have a lot more different colours and prints from varied websites. Today will be something way more of blacks and white shades of tshirts I owned.

Yaa lets begin!!

1.cyan shade t shirt

This tshirt colour is kinda unique and rare.I wouldnot say its unique but its oviously rare.I got this shirt from much ok with quality as this is already a basic one.

2.white and printed tshirt

This shirt is overall decent but bit brighter in day light.So I prefer wearing it in the evening.Goes well with three layer chains and white trousers.Not bad actually.The women printed in centre creates actual attraction though.

3.cityscape print tshirt

A new york city and a metro would go always every where. Once I buy this there is no going back. One of my favourite tshirts which is of so soft quality material and a cream coloured trousers just rocks the whole outfit of the day.

4.white illusion tshirt

ok so this one is better than all. look how classy this shirt looks with a pair or more bunch of flower bouquet in centre.The tshirt looks preety good with blue torn jeans.

5. Oversized printed tshirt

oversized tshirts has always been the one for me. Wow! Like how simple but attractive this tshirt is.The most famous tom and jerry printed on it.Mon jeans would go well with it.I got this from

Hope you guys enjoyed my collection.If you also want to buy such clothes then do like share and comment on my upcoming posts.Comment down below which one you all have voted the most.Till then stay tuned will be back with another post soon.


My tshirt collection 2020


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