Enhance your immunity in this corona virus.These medical herbs are soo effective.Once drink the soothing hot and refreshing drink…This prevents diseases and chronic diseases too.












Boil water in a bowl as per requirement.After the water has boiled,add all the ingredients in water.Let it boil for more six to seven minutes.Later stain the juice from ingredients.Then your covid-19 protection is ready to drink.

It increases immune system.One cup of ayurvedic drink in the morning brings positivity and keeps body clean.


Though we are a quarantined,hope all are safe….We do have a lot of times ahead.So lets know some values and gear ups for athletics equipments.You all would already have seen some equipments which you feel looks great but are indeed a skull bone.For those involoved in jumping and throwing events,other than tracks..Its not an easy way guys!!Fascinations are okk till you dont fall to spend money for it.Did you ever think of their costs??


1.protective gear-$45

2.javelin(500 to 700 GM)-$302

3.shot put ball(4 kg)-$48


5.Throwing cages-$264

6.Hammer throw(4 kg)-$24

7.Strating equipment-$40

Though the costs have increased

OHH!!look at the man with great spirit and mount endurance…..

These are the commonly used athletic equipments.I have also practiced before.So its better to know the actual equipments and their values. Athletic equipment costs have raised due to more increase in members in market.Strategical planning,grooming and sports clubs and organisations have bought many equipments.This has increased its prices accordingly.Moreover YOUR interests in sporting activities boosted their importance….


Beginners in warm up

Sitting and hunching on your keyboards can tell something about your lazy deeds.YAA!!so thats what am talking about…..Beginners try to do overrated or popular struggles in gym to warm up…

ohh!!I feel bad for them….For god sake dont hurt your limbs right there….There is long way to try more exercises.You are visiting the write article now…I know such impatient you would be to know the tips and ways to begin warm up.YAA..soo If you are not an early riser,do start it this morning.Dont hurry up for better results quite often.Its a long hold your breathe and lets begin…

1.Try out the spiderman exercise(six times each leg)

2.arm swings

3.shoulder rotations

4.Marching on a static place while swinging hands(This will gradually increase your endurance)

5.Hip rotations

6.hip circles

7.lunges(six reps each leg)

8.jump rope(3 minutes minimum)

9.Side shuffles

10.squats (12 times)

11.Wlking knee hugs(10 times)


Start with only these twelve exercises.Donot drink water while exercising.This will lower your confidence of being patient.

These are all my personal test exercises which worked when I was a beginner.It will hardly take 15 days to improve.These workouts in the morning can take hardly twenty five minutes maximum….Try them…I bless you as an Indian sage that you will succed further….

Meditation is a part of fitness training

Purity the original word of our soul which needs peace and contentment.Human race has evicted meditation as an equal part of maintaining our phyysical health.We should respond to our psychic being.Be it for our success or it is because of our existence on Earth. Personally,when I do start with my exercises,I meditate at first.It helps me to focus on what I want and what is my target at the end of my activity.Whatever we might choose,should start with a simple meditation to coagulate our mind to a static point.Thinking out of the box and creative minds are the prominences of meditation.

What I follow in a day,especially during home quarantine period is that,I spend at least 15minutes meditating in the morning before I start my day.I do believe being a fitness freak that exercises are a lot for healthy being but the value of meditation is equally relevant.It promotes our mental health,besides helping to fight addictions.It regulated me towards self awareness.We do get less time to pamper for ourselves,but yaa it really is beneficial.

Benefits of Meditation 101: How To Meditate In Less Time


1.I sit with a proper posture on a yoga mat.

2.Then I slowly close my eyes.Slowly and steadly I try to relax and calm my mind and every single part of my physical and inner soul.

3.I think of the day which is going to happen the next.What am I doing on Earth.My value to myself.

4.Donot think of anyone and donot converse with people around you.

5.Try to connect and bring a correspondence with nature.

I recommand to give time to your self and think about yourself for 15 minutes a day.Regulate your enthusiasm and restore positivity in you.


Trust me,your whole day will be authentic and principled.

Practice this daily and you can change yourself,your thoughts.I hope it will show some magic effects in you too….


Every time we remember pasta, we cannot resist to taste it with sauces and mayonnaise. Here is the best recipe of red mayo pasta. Easy to make. Italians are the best chefs for making pasta. Let’s try out the fragrances of different flavours.

Ingredients: Pasta


Pasta and pizza sauce (two tablespoon)

Red chilli sauce (one tablespoon)

Hot and sweet tomato sauce (two tablespoon)

Mayonnaise (two tablespoon)

Oregano (half tablespoon)

Salt (as per requirement)

Additional tip: Add chopped tomato and vegetables


  • Boil pasta in a bowl for 10 minutes.
  • In a sauce pan add butter and pasta and pizza sauce along with ½ cup water and stir well.
  • Add pasta to it and stir well. After cooking for 5 minutes add red chilli sauce and hot and sweet sauce and stir well. Add mayo and salt to taste and garnish with oregano.

Now your delicious red mayo pasta is ready to eat. Enjoy your snacks with your friends and family.

7 Recipes for hectic lifestyles

Too busy to eat your meal? Here are some tips and recipes for hectic employers.


  • Store peanut butter in your refrigerator. If you are allergen to peanuts. You can use mayonnaise as well.
  • Keep frozen peas and corns so that you don’t have to peel the peas. Also buy pasta and Maggie.
  • Gems, Cadbury and biscuits in containers. (if you love cookies and chocolate pies)
  • Buy and store eggs, mustard, hot spices, bell pepper, black pepper, tomatoes, spinach and onions from grocery.
  • Love cheese!!Store cottage cheese in your kitchen.

1.Peanut Butter Bread recipe-As you have stored peanuts and have breads with you. So, within 3 minutes you can spread mayonnaise or peanut butter on your bread and eat in five minutes.

2.Veg Maggie recipe-Take out the frozen peas and corns from freezer. Boil Maggie for 2 minutes and add masalas to it. stir well. Add frozen peas, corns and chopped tomatoes in boiled Maggie and let the peas, tomatoes and corns boil for 3 minutes. Now your healthy evening snacks ready.

3.chocolate cookies-Melt Cadbury with milk as per your requirement till it gets liquid. Spread the melted Cadbury on biscuits and garnish with Cadbury gems and heat in oven for 20 seconds. Its going to be really tasty. It will take 5 minutes and 20 seconds to make chocolate cookies.

4.cheese Omlet-Take a bowl. Break 2 eggs and bit it with a spoon. Add salt, mustard and hot spices to it. Meanwhile heat the frying pan on oil and add chopped tomatoes, bell pepper and onions into it. After the vegetables get reddish, add omlet liquid onto the frying pan. Cook for 4 minutes. At last grate some cottage cheese and bell pepper and spread. This takes 6 minutes to cook.

5.Spinach and Cheese Pasta-Boil pasta for 5 to 6 minutes. Meanwhile in another sauce pan, heat olive oil and cook spinach and garlic for 3 minutes. Next add cheese to sauce pan and immediately add to boiled pasta. Stir well to mix the liquid with pasta. Now your spinach and cheese pasta is ready to eat. This will take 11 minutes to cook.

6.One minute egg recipe-Beat one to two eggs with mayonnaise in a bowl and heat for 60 seconds.Garnish with herbs and pepper and salt.Spread spinach leaves on top.Your healthy food is ready in just one minute

7.Pomegranate chocolate cubes-Melt cadbury as per requirements with milk.Pour melted cadbury on ice cube tray and spread pomegranate seeds on top.Refrigerate for somtime till the cadbury cubes gets solid.When you come back from a hectic schedule,eat the refreshing cold cubes.

So from now,have your favorite meals and recipes at less time and reach your destination on time.



Its yummy!! when you eat Delhi street food. I ate junks of Delhi two years back. Amazing delicious street chats and more.

Lets begin …..


Delhi chat includes dahi papri chats, aloo tikki, dahi Bhalla, papri chat and many more. Here the main ingredient used is very common which is potatoes. Crunchy papri decorated with tomato and cholas and green chilis are delicious. The presentation of street food with spicy masala filling in dahi papri and hot cutlet is lip smacking. once you come to Delhi, you cannot forget the smell of onion chopped in samosa chats.

Location: Lala Lajpat Rai Road, Main market, Amar colony, New Delhi

2.Ram Ladoo

The hypnotising smell of sweet chutney poured on ram ladoo is a special street food of Delhi. Ram ladoo is incomplete without toppings. The karahi in which the ladoos are cooked takes some time. But the hard work of circular ladoos is so tasty. Main attraction of this ladoo is Haryanvi radish grated on top of it.

Location: Near Rozana bakery shop, J Block Main Market Saket, New Delhi

3.Chole Bhature

Best fluffy chole bhature of Delhi is found in Bikaner Wala Rajouri Garden and Sitaram at Pahar Ganjh. Incredible choles cooked on low flame and limited oil content. It’s a food for all foodies to try in south Delhi.

Once you try the chole bhature of Nand Ji, you will come to eat them for second round for sure. There is a special chutney available with chole bhature.


Kulfi is a dessert item. Its main ingredient is kesar and granules of dry fruits spread on top. It is made of caramel yellow milk. It has a different smell of cardamom when you lick the kulfi. The flavour of kesar makes people crazy. For more awesomeness add some melted Rabdi on top of kesar kulfi. kulfi of kuremal, Chawri Bazar is the best.

5.Daulat Ki Chaat

This food will change your taste bud. The swiss creamy exquisite Daulat ki chaat is found only in Chandi Chowk. It looks yellowish from top. As you scup off the first layer of chaat, the second layer is a whitish cream with sweet ingredients. Mouth-watering street food of Delhi like this chaat is just wow!!


The best street food of Delhi is the Kebabs. It’s a delicious junk item among non-veg food. Various kinds of kebabs like Galotti kebab, Shahi kebabs are famous. It is served with the lahsoon tomato chutney to dip in the kebabs. Best kebab points are khan chacha ke kebab, Kareem and kebab factory at Saket. It’s a historic food of Delhi still prevalent after the Mughals

7.Nan Khatai

It’s a street food for all bakery lovers.Its a kind of cookie made with butter in it.Every time you bite your nan khatai,you will love the melted butter inside it more and more.This street food tastes good till it is hot and crispy.Its a delight for winter days.Nan khatai has no specific point for sale.Street vendors sell hot nan khatai with hot milk as side dish on carts.

8.Besan ka Chilla

This street food is a healthy snack to munch upon.It has  layer of besan with tomato and panner chopped inside it.For more craziness cottage chesse can help a lot.This is good for children.It can be made at home also but the taste will obviously be the best at Sitaram Bazar in Chadni Chawk.Besan ka Chilla has a smokey vapour when you eat it.The tomatoes looks are baked on streaming coal warmth.

9.Lacha Tokri

The art of presenting this food is quite creative.It is made with crunchy and crispy hot papri.The toppings like carrot and beet grated on top adds flavour to Lacha Tokri.Once try this masala killing flavour of lacha tokri at Roshan Di Kulfi,Karolbagh.This dish is served on vase type decorative glass bowl to bring the feel of taste.

10.Chana Zor Garam

As the name made my tongue watery.This street food is my favourite among all.Fitness lovers and health conscious ones can try this protein rich hot chana seasoned with lemon uice sprinkled all over.Hot chana is sold with extra spicy pepper and salt to taste.These chana zor garam are sold in paper cutouts.Its a good part of recycling too.

So that you have seen the pics and jests.What are you waiting for?Jump on a train or if you are from Delhi search on google map and munch them.I will try them out definitely once more.So give me your reviews how you loved the street foods all over Delhi.


Hey there!I am adwitiya koley.I am a fitness,food and fashion blogger.I am here to help those who want to be fit.Its easy to focus on personal well being.Welcome to my blog posts.I post more than thrice a week.Hope you like my healthy food recipes,fashion and fitness tips and ideas.Like,share and comment on how it helped you.Till then stay tuned.Will be back wih another post next week.Follow me in instagram at adwitiyakofficial and in facebook at adwitiya koley.