7 brain Excercise To Become More Smarter

1. Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand

Research has shown that using the opposite side of your brain (as in this exercise) can result havocly and substantial expansion in the parts of the cortex that control and process tactile information from human hands. Now, Brain exercise: Use Brains more by brushing with the hand you wouldn’t normally use, and don’t forget to open the toothpaste tube and apply toothpaste in reverse as well.

2. Shower with your eyes closed

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Realisation is important. Close your eyes while showering to realise the different textures in your body. Do check the temperature of water beforehand. Try shaving shampooing with your eyes closed so that your brain understandes different variant features of you.


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Switch seats at the lunch or dinner table to realise where yo used to sit back then and also habituating with new changes by knowing where your current position sits in the room. Think how much far is the salt or pepper from you now.


The hippocampus, an area of our brain which processes memories, is involved in associating odors, sounds, and sights to construct mental maps. Brain exercise: Try to identify new smells and sounds on the way. Opening the windows provides these cells to work differently .

5. Make more social connections during a day

Scientific research has repeatedly proved that social deprivation has severe negative effects on overall cognitive abilities. Brain exercise: Thirsty? Buy a drink from a person rather than a vending machine. Need gas? Pay the clerk at the counter rather than just swiping your credit card at the pump. Further flex your brain by trying your hand a supermarket than online veggie seller.

6. Eat unfamiliar foods

Your olfactory system can distinguish millions of odors by activating unique combinations of receptors in your nose. There’s a direct link to the emotional center of your brain, so new odors may evoke unexpected feelings and associations. Brain exercise: Choose a cuisine unfamiliar to you, and browse the variety of novel vegetables, seasonings, and packaged goods. Change your food habit sometimes in a month.

7. Make a new connection with your nose

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You probably don’t remember when you “learned” to associate the smell of coffee with the start of a day. However, by linking a new odor—say, vanilla, citrus, or peppermint—to an activity, you’ll alert new neural pathways. Brain exercise: Keep an extract of your favorite scent near your bed for a week. Open it and inhale when you first wake up, and then again as you bathe and dress.

This article can help my dear readers. Try these amazing easy tips to become extraordinary and more efficient via brains.